Suspend Temple, one of the wonders of the world

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Suspend Temple, one of the wonders of the world

If there is a temple built on a cliff 90 meters from the ground, and has been standing for 1400 years. Do you think this is a miracle in the history of human architecture?

Xuankong Temple, located in the west side of Jinlong gorge, Hengshan, Hunyuan County, Datong City, Shanxi Province, between the cliffs of Cuiping peak, because the whole temple is like hanging on a cliff, so it is named.

The hanging Temple of Hengshan is based on half inserted flying beams with mechanical principles. It skillfully borrows the hidden support of rocks, and the beams and columns are integrated together, and the corridors and railings are connected left and right. The twists and turns are extraordinary, and the real and the virtual are living together. There are more than 80 bronze, iron, stone and clay Buddha statues in the temple. The word “spectacular” on the rocks under the temple is the calligraphy of Li Bai, the poet of Tang Dynasty. The whole temple is of wooden frame structure. It is based on cutting holes on steep cliffs and inserting suspension beams. The pavilions are connected by plank roads, leaning on steep cliffs and facing deep valleys. The temple is not big, but it is also spectacular. The temple’s location is dangerous, its architecture is strange, its structure is ingenious and its connotation is rich, which can be regarded as the best in the world. It is not only the national treasure of the Chinese nation, but also the precious cultural heritage of mankind.

When I visit the temple, I feel that the temple seems to fall down from the sky. I look up from the bottom of the mountain. I don’t think it’s a pavilion built on the hillside, but it’s like a painter’s hand splashing ink on the cliff, painted on the cliff, and an old picture hanging in front of you. I’m shocked by it. It can not only make people feel the uncanny workmanship of nature, but also praise the ancient people’s wonderful skills and wisdom.

suspend temple

Xuankong Temple is not only breathtaking in appearance, strange and spectacular, but also has distinctive architectural structure and colorful forms. It not only integrates the art of Chinese garden architecture, but also integrates the pattern of Chinese traditional architecture.