Mirror of the sky

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Mirror of the sky

When I first came to Chaka Salt Lake and saw the scene of the salt lake, I was shocked. You can’t imagine such clear and bright lake water in the plateau area with an altitude of 3000 meters. Like a mirror, the calm lake reflects the beautiful and suffocating sky scenery, reflecting the surrounding snow mountain scene on the lake, known as the “mirror of China’s sky”. In the world of salt, walking on the lake is like walking on the cloud top, as if flying in a dream paradise.

Chaka Salt Lake is located in Chaka Town, Wulan County, Haixi Prefecture, Qinghai Province. Chaka is a Tibetan language, which means Salt Lake, the sea of green salt. This is an important site of the ancient Silk Road, known as the east gate of Qaidam Basin.

Chaka Salt Lake is an inland lake. Due to plate movement, the junction of Eurasian plate and Indian Ocean plate covered by sea water gradually rises to Qinghai Tibet Plateau. During the formation of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau, part of the sea water accumulated in the low-lying areas, forming many salt lakes and ponds, of which Chaka Salt Lake is one.

Chaka Salt Lake before and after sunrise and sunset is the most beautiful period of salt lake scenery. Colorful clouds, sunrise or sunset reflect the salt lake, forming a picture of water and sky.