London is that kind of place you must visit in this lifetime

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London is that kind of place you must visit in this lifetime

The British Museum

Known as the British Museum, it is located in Russell Square, north of New Oxford Street, London, UK. Founded in 1753, the British Museum is the oldest and most magnificent comprehensive museum in the world. It has collected many cultural relics and book treasures from the world, which are rare in museums all over the world. The collection mainly came from Britain’s expansion from the 18th century to the 19th century.

The cultural relics collected in the British Museum include the frescoes of Qingliang temple in Ming Dynasty, the three colored Arhats of Liao Dynasty, the blue and white vases of Yuan Dynasty, the Rosetta stone tablets engraved with ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, Egyptian cursive script and Greek more than 2200 years ago on the front, the head of Ramesses II, and the marble carvings of the Parthenon temple in Athens. Some of them are the only ones left in the world, which can only be seen in the British Museum. Among them, the Chinese Showroom (China Pavilion) accounts for several halls. Chinese cultural relics are regarded as one of the most important collections by the British Museum, with a total of more than 23000 pieces.

大英博物馆( The British Museum)


british museum


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Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey is one of the most magnificent churches in the world. It has a grand and dignified appearance, exquisite decoration, and the whole building is resplendent and quiet. It is considered as a masterpiece of British Gothic architecture.

Westminster Abbey is one of the symbols of England. After the completion of the project, it undertook the coronation of the king, royal wedding, national funeral and other major ceremonies. Successive monarchs, as well as some great men, were buried in Westminster Abbey.



Westminster Abbey


London Tower Bridge

The tower bridge of London, which crosses the Thames River, is named because it is near the tower of London. It is the first bridge calculated from the Thames estuary (15 bridges are built on the Thames River). Therefore, it has the reputation of “the gate of London” and is also a symbol of London. The bridge was first built in 1886 and opened to the public in 1894, connecting the north and south of London.

London Tower Bridge brings people not only the convenience of traffic, but also the visual beauty. It is not so much a bridge connecting the north and south of London as a carrier of architectural art.

The tower bridge of London is not only the gate of London, but also the watchtower of London. Standing on the 43.455-meter tower bridge of London, you can have a panoramic view of both sides of the Thames, and you can also have a panoramic view of the fence, especially in the evening.



Westminster Abbey



Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace was first built in 1703. In 1837, Buckingham Palace officially became the royal palace. Since then, it has been the residence of the British royal family.

Buckingham Palace is located in Westminster, London. It is the Royal Palace and residence. There are 775 rooms in the palace, such as ceremonial hall, concert hall, banquet hall, gallery, etc., and a vast imperial garden outside the palace. The Queen’s important state events are held in the area.



british museum